Snail of Approval


Slow Food Chicago announces its new Snail of Approval program, which honors local restaurants and food businesses that exemplify the principles of Slow Food and contribute to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of food in our community. Awarded recipients are all located in the City of Chicago and nearby surrounding areas. All show commitment to the three basic Slow Food principles: good, clean, and fair. Eligible types of businesses include:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Caterers and food service
  • Food trucks
  • Underground suppers
  • Organic and natural farmers
  • Artisans and producers
  • Vineyards and breweries
  • Purveyors and markets
  • Other horticultural businesses



Review the guidelines here.

Nomination & Selection

Slow Food members can nominate any restaurant in the City of Chicago or surrounding suburbs that contributes to the quality, authenticity, and/or sustainability of our food supply. Establishments can self-nominate or be nominated by members of Slow Food. Recipients are not required to be members of Slow Food.

To nominate, a member or business submits a nomination form for consideration by a Snail of Approval committee. The Committee will vet the recipients (including an onsite visit if necessary) and evaluate based upon established guidelines and forward its recommendations to the Slow Food Chicago leadership for approval. Renewal submissions follow the same process as first-time nominations.

Selected recipients will receive Snail of Approval decal(s) and will be listed, along with a description of their products and services, on the Slow Food Chicago website. The Snail of Approval designation is good for two years.
Nominate a restaurant or business