Thanksgiving Turkeys


I have no desire to crow over anybody or to see anybody eating crow, figuratively or otherwise. We should all get together and make a country in which everybody can eat turkey whenever he pleases.

- Harry S. Truman

Slow Food Chicago encourages you to buy your Thanksgiving turkey locally. There are many farmers in the tri-state area who are conscientious stewards of land and animals, and are committed to sustainable and humane livestock production. Best of all, the food they produce is delicious.

The farmers listed below have turkeys, ham, geese, ducks, goats, beef, and lamb available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you know of other worthy producers that aren’t listed here, or are a producer yourself that would like to be listed, please contact us at

THIS PAGE WAS LAST UPDATED on November 10, 2013.

Local Farms Raising Turkeys and other Holiday Meats
• Mint Creek • Triple S Farms • Centennial Farm • Wettstein Organic Farm
• Caveny Farm • Organic Pastures • Nature’s Choice Farm • Little Farm on the Prairie
• Arnold Farm • Twin Oak Meats • Hasselmann Family Farm
• Garden Gate Farm • TJ’s Free Range Poultry • Plain View Turkey Farm
• Loony Acres • Franzen Farms • Freedom Organix


Wettstein Organic Farm, Emily & Dennis Wettstein

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White
Other meats available: Whole legs of lamb, pork, beef, chicken
On-farm pickup? Yes
Location of farm: 2100 US Hwy 150, Carlock, IL 61725
Pick-up locations:

  • Meats are delivered throughout the winter to Oak Park, at the Buzz Cafe.
  • Pick up on Saturdays- noon – 3pm.

Phone: 309-376-7291
Website: ~
Farmer comments: Emily and Denny sell certified organic beef, pork, poultry and eggs directly to customers, at the summer Oak Park Farmers Market, at the Buzz Cafe in winter, and all year from their on-farm storehouse. They also raise organic soybeans, corn and other grains that they make into feed for all their animals, and for selling to neighboring organic livestock and dairy farmers.

“We enjoy everything we do on the farm,” says Denny. “The most encouraging change we’ve seen since 1985,” says Emily, “is that more and more people are coming to us for their food. City people are coming back to the farms with their own children to learn where their food comes from and how it is grown.” Denny adds, “Our experience over the past 20 years with organic farming has restored our love of farming and given us the hope that the future of farming, if we continue to think outside the conventional box, is very promising.”
- Excerpted from a profile at

Twin Oak Meats, Tom & Amy Ifft

Meats Available: Boneless/Bone-In Hams; Boneless Honey-Glazed Spiral Sliced Hams
Weight Range: 3 – 20 lbs
Pick-up locations:

  • On-farm
  • Drop off in Chicago can be arranged (weekly deliveries are regularly made to Chicago).

Pick-up dates: Every Saturday 7am-1pm, from Nov. 2 through Dec. 21.
On-farm pick-up: Yes
Location of farm: 11197N 2300E Rd., Fairbury, IL
Phone: 815-692-4215
Farmer comments: All our pork products come from animals raised on our own farm, and are hormone-free. We are Humane Slaughter Certified. We also have fresh ham roasts and crown roasts which are perfect for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. For the holidays we also make a gift box ideal for holiday giving.

Hasselmann Family Farm, Scott & Nena Hasselmann

Meats Available: Pork, beef, lamb, ham roasts, chicken
Deposit required: No
Pick-up locations:

  • Geneva Winter Market, 11 N. 5th St., Geneva, IL, every Saturday morning.
  • We make a regular monthly delivery to Chicago, at St. John’s Church located at 3857 N. Kostner (4400 west and 1 block south of Irving Park)

Pick-up dates: Saturday mornings at the Geneva Winter Market
On-farm pickup? Yes
Location of farm: 23706 Harmony Rd., Marengo, IL 60152
Phone: 847-525-3590
Farmer comments: All our produce and livestock are raised outdoors on pasture, in harmony with the natural environment.

Centennial Farm, Jill & Will Cummings

Breeds/Meats Available: Muscovy Duck
Weight Range: ~
Price per lb.: Call
Deposit required: no
Pick-up locations: We are 1½ hours south of Chicago and offer farm pickup. However, drop off in Chicago can be arranged.
Location of farm: 708 E 2300 North Rd, Danforth, IL 60930
Phone: 815-269-2003
Farmer comments: We are the 4th generation and our four daughters are the 5th generation to farm and live on the homestead established by our great-grandfather in 1898. We raise all-natural hormone-free milking goats, and use their milk to make organic soaps.

Mint Creek Farm, Harry, Gwen, Jonathan, & Raya Carr

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 12 – 16 lbs
Price per lb.:
Deposit required: yes
Pick-up locations:

  • Green City Market, November 23, (turkeys will be frozen).
  • We are also offering our turkeys FRESH for home delivery via UPS, (a delivery charge of $15 will be added to your invoice). They will arrive at your home a few days before Thanksgiving, and will be shipped in insulated boxes with cold packs.

Location of farm: 1693E 3800 N. Road, Stelle, IL
Other Meats Available: Organic pasture-raised lamb, goat, beef, pork, chicken, eggs
Phone: 815-256-2202
Farmer comments: Turkeys are pasture-raised, without exposure to GMOs, and are supplemented with non-soy, certified organic feed. We raise our multispecies ruminants on biodiverse, nutrient-dense pastures. All are grass-fed. We also raise pigs and chickens with non-soy, GMO-free organic feed.

Caveny Farm, John & Connie Caveny

Breeds Available: Bourbon Red (Heritage breed)
Weight Range: 7 – 17 lbs
Also Available:

  • Fully smoked Bourbon Red turkeys
  • Contact John or Connie for details,

Price per lb.: varies by size, check website
Deposit required: Yes
Pick-up locations:

  • Champaign, Prairie Fruits Farm, Nov 20 PM
  • Evanston, Immanuel Lutheran Church, (at corner of Sherman & Lake), Nov 23 AM
  • Geneva, Rustic Road Farm, Sunday, Nov 24
  • House of Glunz, 1206 N. Wells, Saturday, Nov. 23 PM
  • Green City Market (Notebaert Center), Saturday, Nov. 23 AM

On-farm pickup? Yes, $9 credit for on-farm pick-up
Location of farm: 1999 N 935 East Rd., Monticello, IL 61530
Phone: 217-762-7767
Farmer comments: Caveny Farm turkeys are certified humane.  Our Bourbon Red Heritage turkeys are raised on pasture. Their diet is supplemented with feed made especially for us by a local feed mill using locally grown grain. They’re processed by Central Illinois Poultry Processing, a small, local federally inspected processing plant about 40 miles from our farm. Our turkeys are tender, tasty, and naturally juicy. Let us raise something good to eat for you.

Organic Pastures, Marilyn & Larry Wettstein

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted Bronze, a few Royal Palm (Heritage breed)
Weight Range: 10 – 22 lbs
Price per lb.: $4.29
Deposit required: no
Pick-up locations:

  • Nov 23, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Evanston, corner of Sherman & Lake, 8am – 1pm

On-farm pickup? Yes
Location of farm: 669 County Road 1800E, Eureka, IL 61530
Other meats available: Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, duck, & eggs, all certified organic
Phone: 309-467-6006
Farmer comments: We are a small family farm that has been certified organic since 1997. Our turkeys are organic with plenty of pasture for open grazing. They are in a shelter at night, and during the day they peck and scratch as they please.

We farm 250 tillable acres and 250 pasture/timber acres, all organically certified. We rotate a variety of field crops including corn, soybeans, oats, flax, wheat, sunflower, vetch, rye, alfalfa, and clovers, and also raise organic beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, and laying hens. We truly believe that as stewards of the soil, it is our responsibility to provide the healthiest food possible.

Triple S Farms, Stan & Ryan Schutte

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted Bronze
Weight Range: 8 – 20 lbs
Price per lb.: $3.95 – $4.95/lb, depending on weight
Deposit required: no
Pick-up locations and dates: Contact Triple S Farms for delivery information
Location of farm: Rte 1, Box 122, Stewardson, IL 62463
Other Meats Available:  Pork, beef, chicken
Phone: 217-343-4740
E-mail contact:
Farmer comments: Triple S Farms is a certified organic, family-owned 200 acre farm in East central Illinois, an hour south of Champaign. Our turkeys are raised on pasture without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed.

Work at Triple S Farm is a family affair. Stan’s son, Owner Stan Schutte works together with his son, Ryan, co-owner, who oversees production. Daughter, Kristen, is in charge of marketing. Two other employees make Triple S Farm work- Quinton works with the animals as herd manager and Jackie is operations manager and does whatever needs done including sales, production, inventory, packing, invoicing and office work.  We have a great team working together to provide the highest quality meats straight from our farm to your dinner table.

TJ’s Pastured Free Range Poultry, Tim & Julie Ifft

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 10 – 25 lbs
Price per lb.:
Deposit required: yes
Pick-up locations: Green City Market (winter location at Notebaert Nature Center)
Pick-up dates: Saturday, November 23, 8am – 1pm
On-farm pick-up: Yes
Location of farm: 2773N 1500E Rd., Piper City, IL 60959
Other meats available: chicken, fresh eggs
Phone: 815-686-9200 or 815-848-8961 (cell)
Website: ~
Farmer comments: Our turkeys are pasture raised on chemical free grass and alfalfa, with plenty of room to roam, fresh air, and a healthy environment to live and grow in. They’re fed an all-natural diet containing no animal by-products or antibiotics.

Nature’s Choice Farm, Eric & Samantha Sexton

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 16 – 22 lbs
Price per lb.: $4.50
Other products available: Grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork, chicken, eggs. Also a year-round meat & egg CSA
Deposit required: Yes. Can purchase directly on the farm website.
Pick-up locations:

  • Frankfort, IL, and Bolingbrook, IL
  • To arrange a drop-off in Chicago, please contact us.

Pick-up dates: Delivery dates are still to be determined.
On-farm pickup? Yes
Location of farm: Grant Park, IL
Phone: 815-472-2934
Farmer comments: We believe animals should be raised naturally on green pasture with plenty of open space. Our turkeys roam the entire farm along with pigs, chickens, and cattle. Our beef is completely grass-fed, and we do not feed hormones or antibiotics to any of our livestock.

Little Farm on the Prairie, Larry & Lisa McWilliams

Breeds Available: Narragansett (Heritage Breed), Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 12 – 30 lbs
Price per lb.: (Broad-breasted Whites), (Narragansetts)
Deposit required: No
Pick-up locations/dates: Turkeys will be delivered FRESH. Call for locations and dates.
On-farm pickup? Yes
Other meats available: Chicken, stewing hens
Location of farm: 25474 E.1600 N.Rd. Saunemin, IL 61769
Phone: 815-848-3806
Farmer comments: We are a small family owned farm located near the Pontiac area, off of I55 between Joliet and Bloomington. We are all natural. Our birds go outside. They are USDA inspected. They will be delivered fresh the week of Thanksgiving. In addition to Thanksgiving turkeys, we raise chickens for eggs that we supply to restaurants and grocery stores.

Garden Gate Farm, Doug & Beth Rinkenberger

Breeds available: Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 20 – 35 lbs.
Price per lb.:
Other meats available: FRESH turkeys sometimes available after Thanksgiving.
Deposit required: no
Delivery: Customer pick-up, only at the farm.
Location of farm: 6423 N 2300 E, Fairbury, IL 61739
Phone: 815-692-3518
Website: ~
Farmer comments: We raise our daughters and our livestock on a century old dairy farm here in rural Fairbury. We raise a large variety of vegetables and herbs, as well as pork and turkeys. Our birds have been on the menus of several Chicago restaurants including Old Town Social, The Girl and the Goat, Omni Hotel, and the Bristol.

Arnold Farm, Tom & Jessica Arnold

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White
Weight Range: 14 – 20 lbs
Price per lb.: $4.29
Deposit required:  $40.00.  Must pre-order before Nov. 1st for November Chicago area delivery.
Pick-up locations:

  • Various Chicago-area locations between Elgin (western suburbs) & Loop. Call for specific drop-off points.
  • On-farm pick-up also available, (call to arrange)

Pick-up dates: Email or call for the delivery schedule
On-farm pickup? Yes, after Nov. 3rd.
Location of farm: 997 N. Salem Rd., Elizabeth, IL 61028
Other meats available: Pastured grass-fed beef, pork, lamb
Phone: 815-858-2407
Farmer comments: We use no hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products in our feed rations. The feed rations are based on non-genetically modified grains, hay, and grass raised on our own farm. We are happy to custom-cut sides to your specifications. You are supporting a family farm committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of production. A complete listing of cuts, pricing, and information about our Chicago area delivery newsletter are available upon email request.

Plain View Turkey Farm, Dan Schmucker

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted White, Certified Organic
Weight Range: 13 – 20 lbs
Price per lb.: $4.75/lb
Deposit required: No
Pick-up locations:

  • Uncommon Ground, Chicago , 1401 W. Devon.
  • Uncommon Ground, Chicago , 3800 N. Clark.
  • Fresh Picks warehouse, 5625 W Howard St, Niles, IL.
  • Home Delivery can be arranged, with Fresh Picks, 847-410-0595

On-farm pickup? No
Location of farm: S-453 County Rd D, Cashton, WI 54619
Phone / website: 847-410-0595,
Ordering E-mail:
Farm E-mail: Amish, no email.
Website: None.

Franzen Farms, Chris Franzen

Breeds Available: Standard Bronze, Broad Breasted White, Bourbon Red (Heritage Breed)
Weight Range: ~
Price per lb.: $4.00 – $6.00/lb
Deposit required: Yes
Pick-up location: At the farm ONLY, weekend before Thanksgiving
Location of farm: 18232 W. Ballou Rd, Wilmington, IL, 60481
Phone: 815-405-2713
Farm E-mail:
Farmer comments: We are a small family owned farm located in Wilmington, IL. We raise Heritage Bourbon Red, Heritage Standard Bronze and Big Breasted White Turkeys. Our heritage turkeys are listed in the Ark of Taste and are NPIP certified. All of our birds are pasture raised with plenty of room to roam and graze on grasses, alfalfa, and bugs. Baby day old poults (chicks) are available in the spring if you wish to raise your own or enjoy a Franzen Fresh Heritage Turkey for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year. We also raise Ringneck and Melanistic pheasants. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your birds. Call Chris at (815) 405-2713 to reserve now!

Loony Acres, Robert & Theresa Gould

Breeds Available: Midget White, Naragansett, Bourbon Red (Heritage Breeds)
Weight Range: 6 – 25 lbs
Price per lb.: See order form
Deposit required: Yes, 50% of order
Other meats available: Pastured poultry (Freedom Rangers and Cornish Rock)
On-farm pickup? On-farm pickup is the only option. No deliveries. After Nov. 23rd. Times to be determined.
Location of farm: McHenry County, IL, 60481
Phone: 815-308-5655
Farm E-mail:
Website: Loony Acres
Farmer comments: We are a small family-owned and operated farm. We provide healthy, pasture-raised poultry, milk, and eggs, as well as a variety of vegetables in season. We farm using sustainable practices, while being non-certified organic at this time. Loony Acres provides Fresh. Local. Food.Every Time.

Freedom Organix, Cindy Nawiesniak

Breeds Available: Broad-breasted Bronze, Midget White (Heritage Breed)
Weight Range: 15-24 lbs.
Price per lb.: $4.25
Deposit required: Yes
On-farm pickup? Yes
Pick-up locations: ON-farm pick-up, only
Other meats available: Pastured Berkshire pork, grass fed beef.  Call about hams for the holidays.
Location of farm:  8406 Maxon Road, Harvard IL
Phone: 847-910-1160
Farmer comments: We are a sustainable, small family farm located in McHenry County.