Terra Madre is a gathering of the Slow Food community from all over the world.

Held every two years in Turin, Italy, delegates are selected to represent their country at Terra Madre. Not for nothing is it called the “Olympics of the Food World.”

Terra Madre is an odd and enchanting place – equal parts dreamland, thrill ride and movable feast.  The colors, sights and scents of people engaged by the thousand in food politics, biodiversity, human rights, sustainable farming, responsible consuming and really great eating are both overwhelming and exhilarating.  Delegates come together to be invigorated by the important work of others and to listen, taste, smell and see things.

2016 Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto

“Seven thousand delegates from 143 countries, 300 Slow Food Presidia and 1,000 food communities of the Terra Madre network from five continents. These are not simply numbers, they represent a humanity that is united here to discuss the great challenges which we must confront, above all the safeguarding of agricultural biodiversity. The event’s new open air formula, the discussion spaces and the interactive tours have helped foster a direct and fertile relationship between visitors and delegates, raising awareness and creating positive energy towards the objective of Slow Food: good, clean and fair food for all.”  - Paolo Di Croce, Slow Food International General Secretary

Midwest Delegation

Slow Food Chicago provided crucial travel stipends to Turin for 16 delegates* from Illinois. Our 2017 delegation includes farmers, chefs, beekeepers, meat producers, activists, advocates, and more. We were one of only a few U.S. chapters able to provide this type of assistance. If you attend our annual Farm Roast, or any Slow Food event, then you've already helped us raise funds towards this endeavor. Thank you!

*Psst…Are you a past delegate of Terra Madre? Don't be a stranger! We encourage you to stay connected to our work through events, blog posts, and workshops.